Privacy Policy

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  • To seek and / or to verify the particulars (including identification) information of seller and device either by itself or by one of its authorized independent agency.
  • To change or cancel the website offer, in case the device is found to have been tempered or actual condition of device differs from as described while placing order on www.cashonphone.com
  • To cancel the order in case seller identification and / or pickup address verification fails.
  • To get the device checked via company authorized pickup executives / service partners for its functional operation, technical operation and physical condition at the time of order pickup before making the payment to seller.
  • To enforce that offered quote price as shown on website www.cashonphone.com while placing the order is not final value. Final value of the device will only be locked after the device is checked completely for its operation and physical condition at the time of pickup.
  • To change the offered quote price in case of fluctuation in market value of the device and company cannot be held responsible or liable to lock the order value in case order is open for more than 72 hours.

Seller Undertakings:

  • The seller undertakes and agrees that,
  • Device (and its accessories if any) was not acquired through any unlawful means and seller was the sole owner of it before this transaction.
  • The condition of the device matches with the description provided by seller on the website www.cashonphone.com while placing the order.